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Monday, May 6, 2019

Digipay All Problem Solution (Part -1)

  • Error- Invalid Date time or network error
Error Source : This error occurs when desktop/laptop date and time does not match Digipay Server date and time, You need to Setup Computer Time Zone and Date automatically.
Solution: Kindly Change your system date and time according to your Mobile Phone network.

  • Error – System Overloaded Error

Error Source : This error occurs when older version of Digpay is installed in the system.
Solution: Uninstall the older version of Digpay and delete CSC E-governance Services India Limited folder from C: drive. Then Download Digpay software and then install the new downloaded software .

  • Error – Unable to connect remote server ‘figw.csccloud.in’or The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
Error Source : This error comes when Software is running in Development Mode.
SolutionTry to Run Digipay Software after sometime.

  • Error – Unhandled Exception- unable to load ‘Morpho.sdk.cppwrapperclass.dll’
Error Source : This error occurs when morpho drivers are not working Properly.
Solution :
  1. Uninstall the morpho drivers and older version of Digipay.
  2. Uninstall All other installed Biometric Devices.
  3. Delete CSC E-governance Services India Limited and Fingerprint sensors folders from C: drive.
  4. Download Digpay Software and Morpho drives and then firstly install morpho Driver and then Digipay software.

  • Error : Installation did not succed-HRESULT-00X800222
Error Source : This error comes when .net framework is not installed
Solution :
(a) Click on Start Menu and in search Tab find Command Prompt and then run it as Run
As Administrator
(b) In Command Prompt, write the following Command net stop WuAuServ and press
Enter button. Windows Authentication Server will be stopped message will show.
(c) Then again click on Start Menu and start Run application (If You are Unable to Find Run Application, Simply Press Windows Key and R Key Together). In Run window, type
%windir% and press enter.
(d) Windows Explorer window will open. Search Software Distribution Folder and
rename it to SDold.
(e) Then In Command Prompt, type net start WuAuServand press Enter Key. Then again
Download and Install .net framework.

     Error – Unhandled Exception – Exception from HRESULT 0x8007000B or
    • .Net Framework configuration tool to grant required permission.
    Error Source : This error occurs when .net framework is not responding.
    Solution: Update the .net Framework version 4.0 to .net Framework 4.5 from microsoft official Website.

      • Error – Merchant authentication failed. User Not Registered
      Error Source : This error occurs when VLE’s or merchant Aadhaar no is not on DigiPay Server.
      Solution: Those VLEs who have got their CSC IDs will only able to do the DigiPay, CSC IDs
      generated upto April 2017 have got whitelisted on Digi Pay Server. Ask them to wait for
      some time if this error comes.

        • Error – Authentication Failed for Merchant.Error!
        Error Source : This Error comes when Fingerprint of VLE or merchant is mismatched.
        Solution: Either UIDAI server is unavailable, so ask them to try after sometime.
        Or Ask to update his fingerprint on his Adhaar No.

          • Error – Digi Pay Updater is running in infinite loop when the Digi Pay Icon is clicked.
          Error Source : Digipay Upater is not working properly
          Solution: Download and Run Digipay Updater.

          • Error – Request Integrity Failure
          Error Source : Login process not working properly
          1. Go to C:/CSC E-governance Services India Limited/Digipay
          2. Find license file and delete it.
          3. then again re-register yourself in Digipay.

          • Error – System Overloaded. Try after sometime
          Error Source : Application is getting fail to update.
          Solution :Download and Run Digipay Updater.

          • Error – You have reached your transaction limit today.
           Error Source : Error comes during self deposit.
          Slution : VLE can do only 2 self deposit per day even some banks does not allowed a single transaction also.

          • Error – User unknown in Digipay. Please contact Digipay Administrator.
           Error Source : CSC ID is created recently and is not activated in Digipay.
          Solution : CSC IDs will be activate in Digipay within few Weeks.

          • Error – CscAEPS Stopped Working.
           Error Source : Application crashed due to supporting files of System to run the application are deleted because of antivirus.
          Solution: Formatting of Computer has to be done with new Operating system. And then All the drivers and software of Digipay has to be reinstalled.Make sure antivirus is installed after installation of Digipay.

          STAY CONNECT . .

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