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Wednesday, September 25, 2019


CSC utiitsl MAC Utility Installation | Digital Seva Portal utiitsl MAC Utility Installation | UTI Pan Service

 Friends, you will get information in this page how you can install UTI MAC Utility in your computer without any problem.

It has been made mandatory for all CSC operators to
install UTI MAC Utility.

If you do not install UTI MAC Utility, then you cannot
create a PAN card through UTI.

UTI MAC Utility Installation Process: -

Friends, you have to download UTI MAC Utility for this.

If your Windows is 32 bit or 64 bit, you can check in the
system property.

(Goto My Computer then Right Click and Select Properties now show System Property) 

If your Windows is 32 bit ,then 32 bit and if your Windows is 64 bit, then UTI MAC Utility of 64 bit will have to be downloaded. 

 After this you have to install java jre in your computer, java is also in 32 and 64 bit, which will have to be downloaded according to your system

 To download the JRE package click on the link 1. 

To download the JRE package click on the link 2.

After this you have to intall java.

 After java is intall, you will have to go to Control Panel \ System and Security \ System in your computer's property or you will have to click on Advance system setting.

  As soon as you click on Advance system setting, a new window opens.

In this you will get option show of Environment variables.

 Here you have to click on new and give variable name (JRE_HOME) and variable value (C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jre1.8.0_221)

 Here the name of jre folder should be the same as what is in your computer, as the name of jre folder in my computer is jre1.8.0_221.

 After inserting Variable name and Variable value, you have to do OK and OK which will save Variable.

  After this you have to extract UTI MAC Utility using  zip or winrar software and put that extracted folder in d drive.

 Now you have to restart the computer once. After a computer restart, you have to type cmd in the search program after clicking on windows option

  Once the cmd option is shown, you have to click the right tab of the mouse (option tab) or you have to click the option of run as administrator.

 That means you have to open your cmd run as administrator so that you will not face any problem in installing UTI MAC Utility.

  You will see written in cmd as follows C: \ Windows \ system32> Now you Will Enetr  D:  or E : (Macutility Location Folter other than C Drive) and Enter

  You will see written in cmd as follows D:\> Now Enetr - CD MACUTILITY 

 You will see written in cmd as follows D: \ macutility You will have to enter by writing  Service.bat Install

  You will get a successful install show in cmd.

 Now you can continue the benefit of UTI PAN Service after restarting the computer

  If you want to check whether the mac utility is installed or not, then you have to

press win + r, after that type run services.msc and then you will get the uti mac utility show.

. Now if you uninstall the uti mac utility

 If you want to, then you have to press enter by typing

D: \ macutility \ Service.bat Uninstall in cmd uti mac utility will be uninstall.

Specific Error Code - 1 / Error Level 2 / Net Help  MSG3547 Solutions

 Now you have to open the folder of MAC Utility wherever you have a Mac Utility D drive or E drive

 And follow the steps.

 Now Once again try MAC Utility Installation IN CMD

 Watch Our Video Step By Step Instalation Gidence

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