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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Launch of Digipay v3.2 and updation procedure

Dear All,

Please make a note that Digipay v3.0 has been updated to Digipay v3.2. In Digipay, a new feature is added i.e Dual Authentication during login.

There is now two step login procedure
1.       VLE has to first enter his CSC ID and authenticate himself/herself by using his/her fingerprint.
2.      After successful authentication, OTP will be send to VLE’s mobile no which is registered in Digital Seva Portal. VLE will enter OTP and click on login.

Updation Procedure

DigiPay will Automatically Update and If the Digipay updater shows any error during/after updation, follow the below steps:

1.      Copy the “printlog” folder from C:\CSC e-Governance Services India Limited\DIGIPAY in your desktop and paste it on the desktop or other drives.
2.      Uninstall your Digipay from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features
3.      After successfully uninstalling, delete the CSC e-Governance Services India Limited folder from C: drive.
4.      Download Digipay v3.2 from and install the new version in desktop.
5.      After installing the new version, copy and paste the “printlog” folder to C:\CSC e-Governance Services India Limited\DIGIPAY.

In Android Version, follow the below steps:

1.      Uninstall the older version of Digipay.
2.      Go to Play store and then install new version of Digipay.

Please circulate the above notification in all VLEs .


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